SWTOR Review and Cool Stuff from ZAM

Have you had enough SWTOR reviews yet? Now that the beta testing phase is over and we are counting down the days to the eventual launch of the game, it’s a great time to read over all the good reviews and previews we can find. We’re going to continue to bring you some of the best ones, as well as our own SWTOR guides and strategies to keep you informed and entertained before launch- and beyond.

In yet another SWTOR review, we have this from ZAM.com. This is a very long 2-part series of a review/preview of SWTOR based on their beta experiences. Editor-in-Chief Chris Tom talks about what makes SWTOR unique and gives some final thoughts on his experiences.

He says:

“Yesterday, I went in-depth with SWTOR’s story and gameplay, as well as how it all fits with the MMORPG genre. Today, I’ll be talking about some of the secondary systems in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as giving some of my overall thoughts on the game. Let’s get into it!”

This leads into nearly 1500 words about SWTOR and all aspects of the game, including:

  • Crafting and companions
  • PvP
  • Overall impressions

The writer ends with this:

“In the end, however, SWTOR has a lot to offer as a game and as an MMORPG. While I have yet to see what endgame content looks like, I’ll say that even though I was skeptical going into the Old Republic (this is true), I’ve been more than happy with my experiences thus far.”

We agree with the writer’s theory that SWTOR will not reinvent everything you know about MMORPGs. Some parts of it will be familiar to you and some parts will even be like – yes, we’ll say it- World of Warcraft- *gasp* but there are still many great new, unique aspects of SWTOR. There are some great features, outstanding content and amazing features that will cause this game to stand out against others. It might not be for everyone but for many, it’s going to be a very popular game.

Then check out these three cool BFF videos by Mike B:

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