Review of SWTOR Gaming Headset By Razer

If you’ve been thinking about getting the new SWTOR Razer gear but you’re not quite sure if you want to shell out that much cash yet, then now is a great time to read this review of the Razer gaming headset from Capsule Computers.
While all of Razer’s peripherals look great, looks alone are not enough to drop $200 on a piece of gaming/computer equipment. So it pays to find out more about what people think about it.
All in all, they give it a positive review. Some features are the fully functional 7.1 channel surround sound. Some down points to note:
To be honest, the additional software is a must to get the most out of this device. You will need it to be able to configure the many awesome bits of the device, such as the lighting effects and game synchronisation which also affects the lighting of the device. This takes us to our second point.
Their second point is in regards to the lights that are all over the headset. There doesn’t seem to be any point to these glowing lights other than just to look cool. You can configure the colors but it seems to be just a novelty, with no real function or purpose to it.
They have some complaints about the microphone quality and then have some compliments about the visual appeal. So if you’re considering picking up a pair for yourself, head over and read the full review to help you make your final decision.
Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Headset by Razer
Manufacturer: Razer
Device: Headset
Price: AU$199
Purchase: Razerstore

Lisa Clark

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