Makita router: a powerful modern equipment

If you live in a private house, like to take care of the garden and work with wood, you cannot do without special electrotools. Makita router ukplanettools.co.uk is a powerful modern equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of tasks from drilling to cutting grooves and edging. It is not surprising that it is actively bought not only by the owners of cottages, but also by professional furniture makers. Makita router features One of the best purchases for a private home is Makita router 18v. Compact and functional tools significantly speed up and simplify woodworking. With this brushless router you can: cut circles, grooves in the material; create rounded edges, complex edges, etc. An important advantage of the model is a battery. Due to the absence of wires, you can independently choose a convenient place to work and get complete freedom of movement. If you have to process…

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How do ANC headphones work?

The technology of active noise cancellation cancels out certain parts of ambient sound. The key term here is “active” because the technology does not merely try to silence the noise. Instead, it listens to the sound through the headset’s microphones and creates its sound wave that effectively cancels the original sound. The sound is purposefully and deliberately muted in this way and initially developed for aviation, the technology-assisted in making aeroplane and helicopter pilots more comfortable. Some cars, such as the new Ford Endeavour, utilize technology to make the cabin quieter. Even when playing at a casino online, these provide a more peaceful environment to play with total concentration. However, consumer-centric headphones are the most popular application of technology today. So How Do ANC Headphones Exactly Work? Active noise cancellation on headphones uses one or more microphones to listen to the wearer’s environment and collect the most consistent sound frequency,…

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Star Wars R2D2 Computer Case Mod

I am a huge fan of DIY projects. I even have a couple of websites devoted to this sort of thing. As readers here will know, I am also a fan of Star Wars. So when a project like this comes along, it’s going to capture my attention. This is such an awesome project for a custom case for his little boy. I love R2D2 (most people do, right?) and I’ve also noticed that kids really take to the little guy, same as kids of today fall in love with BB-8. There’s something about a little beeping droid that kids can identify with, especially when they often become the hero in a situation. I know I would have LOVED a computer case like this when I was 7. So this Star Wars R2D2 modded computer case was built by a dad with and for his 7 year old son. He…

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The Coolest PC Case Ever

Star Destroyer PC Case

I have always loved custom computer builds and I’ve seen a few over the years with Star Wars themes. This one, however, tops them all. You probably can’t even tell from initial photos that there is a PC inside this Star Destroyer. You can see full details of the entire build here. This post, “YAZI” – Venator Class Star Destroyer       The BIG finale part 1, explains in detail how it all came together, along with this explanation: “Ok so here is the big finale (wel part 1 of it at least) Due to the fact that MSI asked if they could showcase the YAZI at the International CES 2016 in Las Vegas the whole time table changed. I am very strict op planning, its the only way to get stuff done fast, but this was ridiculous. The call came in about a week before the cutting of the…

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Star Wars Gaming Headset

There is an awesome new headset being released in November and their name is the Star Wars X-Wing Pilot headset. The release of the new headset is to celebrate the long wait fans have been through for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December. The headset is being sold as a “low-cost universal headset that is for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.” The earphones are super lightweight and themed after the signature orange jumpsuits that are worn by the Rebel Alliances pilots in the Star Wars series. The Star Wars X Wing Pilot headset features include 40mm Neodymium speakers that give you amazing highs and booming lows, In-line controls that give users access to control Master Volume and Mic Mute right at their fingertips and also multiplayer chat with an adjustable boom mic. One spokesman stated: “Planned to launch this November in advance of the film,…

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Review of SWTOR Gaming Headset By Razer

If you’ve been thinking about getting the new SWTOR Razer gear but you’re not quite sure if you want to shell out that much cash yet, then now is a great time to read this review of the Razer gaming headset from Capsule Computers. While all of Razer’s peripherals look great, looks alone are not enough to drop $200 on a piece of gaming/computer equipment. So it pays to find out more about what people think about it. All in all, they give it a positive review. Some features are the fully functional 7.1 channel surround sound. Some down points to note: To be honest, the additional software is a must to get the most out of this device. You will need it to be able to configure the many awesome bits of the device, such as the lighting effects and game synchronisation which also affects the lighting of the…

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