Makita router: a powerful modern equipment

If you live in a private house, like to take care of the garden and work with wood, you cannot do without special electrotools. Makita router is a powerful modern equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of tasks from drilling to cutting grooves and edging. It is not surprising that it is actively bought not only by the owners of cottages, but also by professional furniture makers.

Makita router features

One of the best purchases for a private home is Makita router 18v. Compact and functional tools significantly speed up and simplify woodworking. With this brushless router you can:

  • cut circles, grooves in the material;
  • create rounded edges, complex edges, etc.

An important advantage of the model is a battery. Due to the absence of wires, you can independently choose a convenient place to work and get complete freedom of movement. If you have to process a large amount of wood as part of industrial activity, it is better to use more powerful equipment, such as the Makita router 240v.

What options are available in the 18v model

The cordless model is equipped with all the features you need for basic woodworking. You can learn more about them in the Makita router guide. Among the main options:

  • smooth start;
  • speed control;
  • setting a stable speed;
  • connection of equipment to an external dust collector;
  • LED lighting, etc.

When buying a device, you get additional accessories that provide the most comfortable and efficient work with wood of any species. In addition to the obligatory charger and case, in the future you may need hex keys, various bases, a collet cone and other additions. By ordering complete equipment, you save money and get everything you need for successful woodworking. Many buyers have already seen this in their own experience!