SWTOR Cosplay Comicbook

It’s time for another feature of SWTOR Cosplay swagger! This one is a special treat that has been out there for a while but most of us never even knew about it. It’s short, so take your time appreciating all the work that went into it, from costume design, backdrop, photography, post-production effects, etc, etc. In my opinion this is total genius and something to learn from for all Cosplayers. With that being said …

We present you Issue One of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Arandani Comic: First Encounter, by Arandani Studios.

But before all that, we flashback to Captain Kadd Aradan doing a drop on Ord Mantell moments right before the ambush.



That’s all for now. A very enticing introduction, with blasters, double bladed lightsabers , Cathers, Sith Inquisitors and Scoundrels. What more can you ask for? More issues? Hell yeah! I really hope they make more, because this first one definitely leaves you wanting more. I know I want to see entire series of just this.

If you want to learn more of the people behind this project and to see more of their work, visit their website, AradaniCostumes.

I’ll leave you with some shots of some of the people involved in this project. I hope you enjoyed it.

IFDarth Kaless and his super bad double bladed purple crystal lightsaber.

IFA Smuggler and a total Scoundrel, with a very sly blaster.




IFCrazy Yoda Lady!!!