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SWTOR Cosplay Comicbook

It’s time for another feature of SWTOR Cosplay swagger! This one is a special treat that has been out there for a while but most of us never even knew about it. It’s short, so take your time appreciating all the work that went into it, from costume design, backdrop, photography, post-production effects, etc, etc. In my opinion this is total genius and something to learn from for all Cosplayers. With that being said … We present you Issue One of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Arandani Comic: First Encounter, by Arandani Studios. But before all that, we flashback to Captain Kadd Aradan doing a drop on Ord Mantell moments right before the ambush. That’s all for now. A very enticing introduction, with blasters, double bladed lightsabers , Cathers, Sith Inquisitors and Scoundrels. What more can you ask for? More issues? Hell yeah! I really hope they make more,…

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