EA Sponsored Cosplay Photo Shoot

12239965_1058066017558908_3016530903349197632_n What do you get when Bioware/EA comes together with the most badass promotion company is all of Germany? You get some really awesome professional-grade SWTOR cosplay photographs. The Defcon Unlimited Stuntteam loves to put on a show. They are a live action promotion company who also makes their own costumes. They began as a stuntteam and now they are a group of young friends who have turned their passion into careers and when they get their hands on a SWTOR project, it’s a beautiful thing.

These are some images from the photo shoot and we can see how much fun they must have had in this entire process.

Here are some more images from the photo shoot:

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12208663_1058066070892236_380956019009585057_nThey shared it all in this post on their Facebook:

Some of these costumes have been produced by Defcon Unlimited for promotional purposes (Stuntshows) for the game “Star Wars – The Old Republic” (EA). The photoshooting (poses, characters, set up) happened in 2014 and is based on our own ideas.

Darth Maul – Maul Cosplay
Albino Togruta – Maja Felicitas
Albino Togruta 2 – Lissy from Defcon Unlimited
Photographer – eosAndy
Assistant to eosAndy – Fotograf-13

They’re also answering questions over on the Facebook post where they share the images so if you want to ask them about the photo shoot, feel free to pop on over and talk with them directly. Learn more about Defcon Unlimited at their website.

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