3.0.0a Patch Notes


All servers are now back up. Below are the patch notes:


  • Ability Costs have been removed from the game.
  • Fixed a display bug that caused Prefab Decorations to not appear in the Decoration UI.
  • Chests on Rishi and Yavin 4 no longer give too many Credits.
  • Imperial Agent players will now get the appropriate Shadow of Revan introductory cinematic if they have completed Chapter 3 of their Class Story.

Missions + NPCs

Flashpoints + Operations

  • The final encounter of “The Ravagers” Operation now grants loot.
  • The final encounter of the “Temple of Sacrifice” Operation now grants loot.

Nice to see the most glaring show stoppers fixed and the ability costs gone forever. But they still haven’t said a word about the borked damage from silver mobs and overnerfed companion healing.