Havok Trooper Cosplay by LazyAardvark

You know how we love to bring you fan-created stuff and cosplay. (I live for reporting on these things!) So here’s another we adore. A SWTOR fan named LazyAardvark posted a great Havok Trooper cosplay that we really wanted to share with you. He says he’s been working on it for a few months and we can definitely see why. This armor is so realistic, it looks like it should be on the set of a movie.

One thing we really liked was the worn, battled look it has. LazyAardvark explains how this was achieved: “The battleworn look was done with pastel chalk and a magic wash which comprised of acryllic paint, floor polish, and water, i also did some low lighting in the recesses to make the details pop out.”

We think This is pretty awesome! It’s amazing to see what serious fans can and do come up with. If I saw this at a convention, you better believed I’d want to take a picture with him. If you scroll through the pictures you can actually learn a little more about the project from the captions and the OP makes some comments there and on Reddit telling more about how he built it, what materials he used and more. It’s a good day when we see SWTOR on the front page of Imgur. If you’re looking to make  your own, the creator has this for advice: “the rebel legion forum is a great place to start, you can find people who sell armor kits, pepkura files and build progress threads”

We give it 5 stars. Bravo! Well done.

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 1

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 2

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 4

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 5

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 6

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 7

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 8

Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 9 Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 10 Aardvarks Havoc Trooper 11

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