Rest of SWTOR Ziost story Coming May 4th

SWTOR Ziost Story Finale Coming May 4th

The rest of the Ziost story line, in Star Wars: The Old Republic,  will be live from  may 4th, and does apparently not require a new patch update. Perhaps it opens up as a new daily area with world bosses? What do you guys think?

Here is the update from Eric Musco:

Planetary Status Monitor | Still no progression in Ziost story available ? | 04.28.2015, 06:30 PM

Hey folks,

Without spoiling anything, there have been some questions about the end of Ziost currently and whether this is intended or not. It is 100% intended, it is not a bug, and there is definitely more coming… And it is coming soon. The finale event for this story will happen Monday, May 4th and it will not require a patch.

Evacuate Ziost while you have the chance!