Eric Musco Addresses Double XP Weekend Bugs

SWTOR1If you tried to play SWTOR this weekend for the double XP event, you may have encountered some bugs and not gotten your double experience like you should have. Don’t worry- you are not alone and Bioware is aware of the issue.

Eric Musco addresses it in the forums:

I know that there was definitely some unhappiness that came out of this past double XP weekend and I wanted to address a little bit about what happened, and we are doing about it. There are two main issues which plagued the weekend:

  • In certain group compositions, no experience is granted during a Flashpoint.
  • The Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint was awarding only normal experience for NPC kills, it was not being doubled.

Understandably, many players look to Flashpoints to level during our double XP weekends and so there is quite a bit of frustration that these bugs were present. Let’s take them one at a time. The first bug, where no XP is being granted at all is something that we are aware of, and it will actually be fixed tomorrow in Game Update 2.6.2. The KDY issue, unfortunately, was only discovered after double XP went live and as such, there wasn’t much that can be done.

Musco goes on to explain what issues led to this failed weekend and what they plan to do about it in the future, including another double XP weekend. Stay tuned to find out when it will be happening- we’ll let you know as soon as we know.

Did you encounter issues like this with the double XP weekend?

Lisa Clark

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