While we wait for The Old Republic: Star Wars Vs. Top TV Shows Of The 1980s

To day we give you not one, but two instalments of “While we wait for The Old Republic”. This time we will look at what Star Wars would look like if it was a 80’ies low budget TV show.

Dallas opening
What the Star Wars would look like if it was the Dallas TV-series

Airwolf Rebels opening
Airwolf theme. Good series, godd intro, good music. The Imperial version is next.. so enjoy!

Airwolf Imperial opening
Well.. since I’ve done Rebels, I had to do the Imperial side as well. Here it is, with a little twist in the cast, sort of ran out of bad guys 😉

Macgyver opening
This time it’s Macgyver that gets to be Star Wars.

A-Team opening
I’ll guess there will be a lot of discussions about which characters that should be in the opening – theese where my chioces.