Star Wars: Battlefront Outer Rim Expansion Arrives Today!

It is safe to say that after years of building up hype, Star Wars: Battlefront was something of a disappointment depth-wise when it was finally launched, even as it blew the expectations out of the water technically and visually. One of the strengths of the game was to depict actual movie locations in great detail, making one feel like he/she was actually involved in the Star Wars canon. That strength is apparently what the franchise is banking on going forth, as it seeks to address its oft-decried lack of depth. Outer Rim, the first expansion to the game, will look to attack the problem from several angles. It will introduce players to locations like the palace of Jabba the Hutt, and it will also introduce no fewer than five new weapons/cards as well as a new game-mode called Extraction, which will see one of the teams protect and escort cargo out of a contested area, while the other team will focus on stopping the extraction.

Exactly how well the game nails the new locations isn’t clear yet, but judging by a recently released Outer Rim trailer, it does a superb job at it once more.

The trailer is focused on the two new heroes who also come with the expansion: Nien Nunb and Greedo, showcasing some of their skills while taking the viewer on a rather violent tour of Jabba’s home and of Sullust, the volcanic world which is also a set-piece of the new content-batch.

One of the special hero abilities shown in the trailer is Greedo’s multi-shot ability, which can indeed turn out to be more than useful when surrounded by several villains. In the promotional clip, Greedo comes face-to-face with Han Solo, but the conclusion of the encounter is left hanging off the cliff.

The expansion pack lands today, March 22. Those looking to explore the above said locations first hand, will have to pick it up using the $50 season pass.