Announcing Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ “Build Your Alliance” NVIDIA Contest Winners!

Back in January, BioWare launched a contest, were players should upload SWTOR Movies to Youtube. 3 winners would each win a powerful gaming PC plus valuable in-game rewards from BioWare. Ten runner ups will receive a GeForce GTX 960. Here is the verdict:

BioWare and NVIDIA are excited to announce the winning video entries from the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire “Build Your Alliance” contest!

Thanks to you, our players, for sharing your fight against the Eternal Empire – from intense lightsaber battles to dramatic story moments.

Check out the winners below and watch the full playlist of videos here: YouTube Playlist

A big congratulations to these top three winners:

  • 1st Place: Jonathan Winkler
  • 2nd Place: Инга Куклина
  • 3rd Place: Danilo Wachsmuth

Plus, a round of applause to these runner ups:

  • Дмитрий Ялама
  • Alex Thomas
  • Julien Hélias
  • Joel Argersinger
  • Holly Montgomery
  • Natthaphon Phonyiam
  • Cristian Ceoroiu
  • Rodrigo Juliani
  • Justin Hilliard
  • Peyton Scherschel

It’s a great time to jump into Star Wars: The Old Republic to experience the entire Knights of the Fallen Empire story from the beginning of Chapter I “The Hunt” and continue your saga as new Chapters release monthly. As the Outlander in Knights of the Fallen Empire, you are able to start a new Level 60 character to get right into this episodic story and begin building your Alliance. Plus, Subscribers receive great in-game rewards every month!

What are you waiting for? Join your allies and be at the center of your own Star Wars adventure now!