SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire LEAK


For a brief time, SWTOR.com accidentally displayed a page that was not meant to be shown yet. Be warned that the information  you are about to read and see might contain spoilers. For those still interested in reading, we introduce you to Knights of the Fallen Empire!

“A man can have anything if he’s willing to sacrifice everything.”

A new expansion is coming to SWTOR and this just might be the thing to revive the existing player base and bring old players back to the game once more. A third faction emerges and we will see some new content, new story arcs and much more. Beginning on October 27th, you will have access (free to all subscribers) to The Outlander, a vet of the Great Galactic War. You can experience a new player-driven story arc from the Bioware team. Knights of the Fallen Empire will feature

Here is a screencap before the page was taken down [Warning: E3 spoilers]:


The expansion is still in development and the live posting of the page was clearly a big mistake but it’s definitely sparked a lot of renewed interest in the game and conversation among the community. The ability to betray companions certainly seems to have a lot of people excited. Are there specific companions you’d like to get rid of?

Here is a recap of the still-developing chapters:

Chapter 1 The Hunt

Chapter 2 A Dream of Empire

Chapter 3 Outlander

Chapter 4 The Gravestone

Chapter 5 From the Grave

Chapter 6 Asylum

Chapter 7 Lady of Sorrows

Chapter 8 Taking Flight

Chapter 9 The Alliance

Chapter 10 Anarchy In Paradise

Chapter 11 Disavowed

Chapter 12 Coming Soon

Chapter 13 Coming Soon

Chapter 14 Coming Soon

Chapter 15 Coming Soon

Chapter 16 Coming Soon

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