DICE Explains ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Vision


Star Wars: Battlefront has a release date for November and the excitement and hype is reaching its peak. We have already discussed that DICE has been scanning actual film props from the Star Wars films to use in the upcoming game. Also, we know that Star Wars: Battlefront will be more of a reboot of Pandemic’s PS2 game rather than a continuation. The team at Official Xbox Magazine has managed to have a sit down interview with Niklas Fegraues in order to talk about what the experience is like to bring the Star Wars saga to life. Niklas Fegraues is the design director for Star Wars: Battlefront.

Official Xbox Magazine: What are you hoping to convey to potential fans with Battlefront’s first gameplay reveal?

Niklas Fegraeus: Basically this vision we have for the game, which is to let players create their own Star Wars battle fantasies. And the way we want to do that is to make sure that the world we create is super authentic and super immersive. It’s important for us that we pay respects to the universe and create it right.