Cartel market bug leads to Slot Machine sale!


 Smuggler’s Gambit slot machine; coming soon for 1 credit!

If you visit frequently you already know that Bioware recently released the Constable Stronghold’s pack as part of Patch 2.10. The pack includes the Smuggler’s Gambit Slot Machine that apparently a lot of SWToR fans were eagerly awaiting to become available. Unfortunately, yet another bug prevented cartel market shoppers from obtaining their slot machine as community manager Eric Musco confirmed at the forums earlier today.

Thank you folks for bringing this to our attention. As you have guessed it is unfortunately not in this pack as indicated in the Decorations UI. As Screaming Ziva guessed, due to this error we will be placing the Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Gambit on the Binary Star Realty reputation vendor for 1 credit at some point in the future. I do not have exact timing on when this will happen but as soon as I know specifics I will let you know. Just like the Republic Voss Embassy Sign, this item will only be available through the vendor for a limited time.

I will post timing as soon as I have it. Thanks everyone.

On the flip side though, Bioware quickly acknowledged their error and confirmed that we will be getting a slot machine soon for only 1 credit!

We will keep you posted once Eric Musco posts the date at the SWToR forums.