Eurogamer Expo Gains Attention thanks to SWTOR

Eurogamer Expo’s time has come, says Patrick Garratt and it is in part due to BioWare’s The Old Republic announcement yesterday. VG247 is a media partner of Eurogamer Expo, and is partially owned by Eurogamer Network. They had an interesting write-up on the Erogamer Expo and what SWTOR has done for it in recent days.

Sometimes all it takes is one popular topic to put an event on the map. This is especially true when it comes to entertainment and media. In the video game world, people, including media, are often drawn to what they know. They won’t always go out of their way to visit or report on expos, conventions or events until they are made “big business”. Sometimes an event just needs that one thing to come along to put them on the map.

And that’s exactly what SWTOR did for the Eurogamer Expo. As Patrick explains in this article, news of SWTOR release date announcement happening at the Expo would set a precedent for more announcements to be made at the show for years to come. You can bet that mainstream media will take this expo more seriously in the future and you will probably see attendance at future expos increase by quite a bit.

Eurogamer Expo was named as the announcement platform on the game’s official site. Since it is in only its fourth year of showings, this was a huge milestone that will definitely draw other companies to make their own announcements at future events. It also made many gamers who not aware of Eurogamer Expo familiar with the name.

This is just another example of how SWTOR is good for business.