BioWare Opens New Customer Service Center in Ireland

EA announced yesterday that they will be opening a new customer service center, this one in Ireland.

EA Senior Vice President Ray Muzyka spoke at the inaugural event in Galway, Ireland said, “MMO launches are complex, and we are determined to set a new standard for a high quality, stable, smooth launch for our fans. Our new BioWare facility and team in Galway is critical to ensuring we deliver on that goal. We’ve got a solid base of people here already in Galway . . . we’re looking for more. From Ireland . . . from the rest of Europe to support our German and French customers . . . from all over the world. We want you to join us here at BioWare Ireland.”

This will be a first for BioWare and it can mean big news for the company as well as for European gamers. This will be BioWare’s premier location outside of North America so a lot of important action can be done from this new facility. This could be the first big step for BioWare to make sure the launch of SWTOR is smooth both for North American players and those in Europe.

A video of the press conference with the Irish Prime Minister is posted on the official EA News page for you to view.

Prospective employees interested in employment opportunities at BioWare Ireland should visit: