Is SWTOR the Avatar of Gaming?

A lot has been said about SWTOR already and it’d be a great understatement to say the game will be good. Just how good it will be is still up for debate. The Daily Mailsays it could be the video game version of James Cameron’s billion-dollar blockbuster, “Avatar”. Wow! That’s a pretty big claim but SWTOR just might be the game to be able to live up to such prophecies.

The Daily Mail points out:
The game is among the most expensive ever made – rumoured to have cost games giant Electronic Arts more than £100 million. But it could ‘earn billions’ say game industry insiders – dwarfing even the amounts earned by cinema blockbusters such as Avatar. World of Warcraft has had up to 11 million monthly subscribers, earning the company a reported $500 million a year in subscription fees – on top of disc prices for the game and its four expansions. The game has been running since 2004. 
All true facts and all good reasons why SWTOR could actually live up to a video game equivalent of “Avatar”.  It’s one of the most anticipated games in history. It has a massive budget invested into it- rumored at millions. If they get this game right, they stand to make billions from it and garner many impressed fans.
To pull off a feat such as this, however, a game will need to do things no other game has done before. Some believe that SWTOR will do this while others are still skeptical. What do you think?