SWTOR Release Date Is Here!

“This is no Jedi mind trick. The most heavily anticipated MMO to date will launch on 12.20.2011.”

It’s official! The release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has now been released. You may have gotten the email but if you didn’t, the news is spreading quickly all over the Internet and gaming communities. Stephen Reid hinted at it yesterday on Twitter, for those who caught it. When the Fan Republic asked, “Will Bioware be “Refining” the RD window as promised at CC?” Reid answered with, “I think we’ll go straight to a date.”

We’re digging on that for sure!

If you have already pre-ordered the game, you will probably also see the change on your preorder status already. You may have received the email stating that the status of your order has changed. If not, it’s coming soon.

The new release date is 12/20/11 – that’s just in time for Christmas but you don’t want to wait for Santa to bring this game to your door or you’re guaranteed to miss out, at least on the initial launch. Bioware has already announced there will be limited copies available on initial release so waiting too long might mean you are sitting out while others are enjoying the launch.

With the release date revealed, pre-order quantities will go fast. If you haven’t already, make sure to pre-order* now and secure your Early Game Access and exclusive in-game bonus item.

Do you have your copy secured yet?