SWG Emulator- Check it Out!

SWG Emulator- Check it Out!

Are you a Star Wars Galaxies fan who was sad to see the game go? Well, you’re not alone- which you probably know already- and there are actually many communities devoted to doing more with the game and making it live on in more than just our memories.

If you want to learn more, just head on over to their website where they explain what they are all about:

SWGEmu is an acronym/abbreviation for Star Wars Galaxies Emulator.

  • Star Wars Galaxies is a massively multi-player online role playing game introduced by Sony Online Entertainment in the year 2003. It is the game this project focuses to recreate at a specific milestone referred to as Pre-CU, or Pre-Combat Upgrade. The Combat Upgrade was a set of game changes which radically changed the game-play, to the dislike of thousands of players. These changes led to the founding of this project, in an attempt to “recreate” the game as it was during the Pre-CU era.
  • Emulator can be defined as “to try to equal or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass” (Dictionary.com). At SWGEmu, Emulator refers to the software the SWGEmu team is building. This Emulator is meant to imitate Sony Online Entertainment’s server-side software, which hosted the galaxies of Star Wars Galaxies during the Pre-CU era.

And here is a video to let you see a bit more.

From the video:

This is a Let’s Play of the game Star Wars Galaxies Emulator brought to you by a fantastic group of SWG fans. SWG being played in this series are based on Pre-Combat Upgrade and is the true SWG that any original fans will love and remember.

In this episode I start my new character Rinok which I will be grinding towards Teras Kasi Master first as I believe it to be the most efficient class in the early stages of the game prior to high level buffs/armor/weapons are available. And let’s be honest..meditate/powerboost are the most usefull skills in the game. But first.. kill Peko Peko’s in Naboo for that tasty wooly hide with OQ997 SR600 for armorsmiths.

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