Companions 101: Aric Jorgan


It was a busy day yesterday, so somehow we totally overlooked the newest installment of Companions 101. This time BioWare’s Courtney Woods talks about our all time favorite Cathar – Aric Jorgan.  Jorgan is a male Cathar and a companion for the Trooper. He joins the player at the end of the Trooper’s Class quests on Ord Mantell. His primary role is that of Ranged DPS, and he is a romance option for the female Trooper.

“Jorgan looks for a partner he can respect: someone who’s strong, decisive, and practical, like himself. That said, relationships really aren’t Jorgan’s strong suit; there probably isn’t anyone who would describe him as a “people person” in general. He has a particularly hard time when it comes to sharing the kinds of close personal feelings that develop in a romance. But anyone patient enough to work their way past his initially abrasive exterior will find a man who’s fiercely loyal, dedicated, and surprisingly affectionate.”

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