Companions 101: Aric Jorgan


It was a busy day yesterday, so somehow we totally overlooked the newest installment of Companions 101. This time BioWare’s Courtney Woods talks about our all time favorite Cathar – Aric Jorgan.  Jorgan is a male Cathar and a companion for the Trooper. He joins the player at the end of the Trooper’s Class quests on Ord Mantell. His primary role is that of Ranged DPS, and he is a romance option for the female Trooper.

Meeting Aric Jorgan

Efficient, loyal, and a perfectionist, Aric Jorgan is the ideal Republic soldier – and he knows it. Raised to be an officer, Aric is confident in his skills and doesn’t waste his time with niceties or politics. His credentials include four years in the academy and seven years in the field. Most notably, Jorgan was a part of the illustrious Dead Eyes, the finest sniper squad in the Republic. Eventually he was offered a promotion and a post on Ord Mantell. Aric views his assignment on Ord Mantell as just another stepping stone in his career. He wants to fight Imperials, not Separatists. When the Trooper meets Jorgan, he is fast on his way to becoming Captain. Jorgan is coordinating the efforts of Havoc Squad and the Republic’s Ord Mantell Infantry Command to search for a highly dangerous bomb.

“I’ll make this completely clear, rookie – when you’re in the field, what I say goes. Period.”

Jorgan sees the Trooper as a rookie – one with raw talent, but still inexperienced in the field. He doesn’t want any success they have to go to their head and make them overconfident. His highest priority is the success of the mission and the safety of his fellow soldiers. He isn’t going to let some “hot shot rookie” endanger this. Jorgan joins Havoc Squad under less than ideal circumstances. I asked Charles Boyd, the writer behind the Trooper storyline, to clarify Jorgan’s motivations for staying with the Trooper:

“Jorgan’s initial motivation in Havoc Squad is revenge.Working with the Trooper is his best shot at taking down the traitors who betrayed the Republic and (seemingly) ruined his career. But with time, Jorgan realizes that he prefers doing things the Havoc Squad way. Taking the fight to the Empire personally, rather than dealing with the politics of advancement and the detachment of directing missions from a stuffy command center.”

Understanding Aric Jorgan

While Jorgan’s demanding personality makes him dependable on the battlefield, his sternness can become a pain to deal with away from the frontlines. He is a difficult man to get to know and since his demotion on Ord Mantell, Aric has become increasingly disgruntled. This Cathar values actions more than words, so if you want to break down his barriers and gain his respect you will need to prove with your actions that you are worthy of being the commander of Havoc Squad. This means getting the job done without reckless risks, not getting caught up in bureaucratic politics, and having the utmost loyalty to the Republic. Aric is extremely loyal to the Republic. While it is known that the Empire and the Mandalorians have wronged the Cathar in the past, I asked Charles if something happened to Aric personally to cause such devotion to the Republic:

“Jorgan never suffered personally at the hands of the Sith before enlisting, but his homeworld of Rendili hosted many millions of refugees who had. Seeing the kind of suffering his own ancestors had endured in generations past, Jorgan felt he had a duty to fight back against anyone who would inflict such pain on innocent civilians.”

This intense feeling of duty Jorgan feels leaves no room for failure and he expects the same from those around him. He also has no time for excuses and needless sacrifice. You won’t be able to gain his admiration easily, but if you can infiltrate his barriers, you will find that Aric Jorgan is someone you definitely want on your side.

Breaking Protocol…

“But for all the rules and regulations telling me otherwise, you’re the one thing I’ll never give up.”

Having a romantic relationship with your superior officer isn’t exactly something a Republic soldier would want on their record. Luckily for those who wish to romance Aric Jorgan, he isn’t a man to stick by the book. As long as you make it clear he isn’t crossing any lines and that you also have feelings for him, it is possible to have a relationship with Aric. However, he does fluster easily in romantic situations. I asked Charles if he had any advice for the Troopers out there trying to claim this Cathar’s heart:

“Jorgan looks for a partner he can respect: someone who’s strong, decisive, and practical, like himself. That said, relationships really aren’t Jorgan’s strong suit; there probably isn’t anyone who would describe him as a “people person” in general. He has a particularly hard time when it comes to sharing the kinds of close personal feelings that develop in a romance. But anyone patient enough to work their way past his initially abrasive exterior will find a man who’s fiercely loyal, dedicated, and surprisingly affectionate.”

There’s sure to be some bumps and awkwardness along the way, but if you stay by Jorgan’s side you will have a loyal mate for life. A good way to move things along quickly is to remember Jorgan’s likes and interests, so be sure to give him weapons and military gear from time to time.

Life on the BT-7 Thunderclap

Aric and the Trooper may have been the first members on the newly formed Havoc Squad, but the crew is growing quickly. As we have mentioned before, Jorgan is a remarkable soldier, but his gruff personality can brush people the wrong way off the field. So what does Jorgan think of the rest of the crew? Charles gives some details on Jorgan’s opinion on the other members of Havoc Squad:

“Jorgan sees the rest of Havoc Squad more as colleagues than close friends.They’re together to do a job, not to become buddies. That’s not to say he doesn’t have opinions on the others, of course—far from it. He just tends to assess them based on work effectiveness more than their personalities:

  • Elara Dorne’s strict adherence to rules and regulations definitely goes against Jorgan’s more pragmatic approach to his work, but he can’t help but respect her discipline and effectiveness in her role as team medic. They clash constantly, but Jorgan knows he can rely on Elara when things are at their worst, even if he’d probably never admit it out loud.
  • If Jorgan has a favorite member of the team aside from the Trooper, it’s probably M1-4X. The Droid follows orders reliably and never complains or makes excuses when things don’t go as planned. Jorgan isn’t blind to the fact that 4X is willing (and even excited) to be completely ruthless when it comes to fighting the Empire, but he figures the Droid can be kept in line well enough to be trustworthy.
  • Tanno Vik is easily Jorgan’s greatest irritation from day-to-day. Jorgan sees Vik as an undisciplined, unreliable wild card. If he had the choice, he’d probably kick Vik out of Havoc Squad, out of the military, and out of Republic space in general. Since he can’t do that, he settles for keeping Vik as busy as possible, hoping he won’t have time to cause any serious trouble.
  • Jorgan really doesn’t know what to make of Yuun. The Gand is inarguably effective at his job and clearly a loyal and dutiful soldier, but his methods are so bizarre that Jorgan still has a hard time truly accepting that Yuun can be relied upon.”

The Many Faces of Aric Jorgan

Companions have always been an important aspect to BioWare games and it is no different with The Old Republic. However, since Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is an MMO, the developers felt like a feature had to be added so that the player felt like there was uniqueness to their Companions. This is where Companion Customizations come into play. These customizations are purely aesthetic, leaving your choices in game to influence your Companion’s personality, but it is a great feature to further shape your own Star Wars™ saga.

Aric Jorgan has four standard customizations to choose from. Take a look at the screenshots below!

Aric Jorgan Wallpapers

Show your love for this grumpy Cathar with some of these Jorgan wallpapers!

FAQ for Companions 101: Aric Jorgan in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Who is Aric Jorgan?

Aric Jorgan is a companion character in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), specifically aligned with the Republic Trooper class. He is a Cathar and serves as an experienced soldier with a strong sense of duty and loyalty.

What is Aric Jorgan’s background?

Aric Jorgan is a former member of the Republic military’s elite Havoc Squad. He is known for his tactical prowess, sharp shooting skills, and strict adherence to military protocol. His background includes a distinguished career marred by an incident that led to his demotion, which he struggles to overcome throughout his storyline.

What role does Aric Jorgan play in SWTOR?

Aric Jorgan primarily functions as a ranged damage dealer and can be set to perform tanking or healing roles if needed. He uses blaster rifles and heavy armor, making him a versatile and resilient companion in various combat situations.

How do I recruit Aric Jorgan?

Aric Jorgan is recruited early in the Trooper’s class storyline. He becomes available as a companion after the player completes the initial missions on Ord Mantell, the starting planet for Republic Troopers.

What are Aric Jorgan’s abilities?

Aric Jorgan has several abilities that make him effective in combat:

  • High Impact Bolt: Deals significant damage to a single target.
  • Full Auto: Channels a continuous stream of blaster fire at an enemy.
  • Suppressive Fire: Area of effect attack that hits multiple enemies.
  • Fortification: Increases defense and reduces damage taken.
  • Kolto Pack: Provides healing to himself or allies.

What gifts does Aric Jorgan like?

To increase Aric Jorgan’s affection, you can give him specific gifts:

  • Favorite Gifts: Military Gear, Weaponry
  • Liked Gifts: Cultural Artifacts, Technology, Republic Memorabilia

How can I increase Aric Jorgan’s affection?

You can increase Aric Jorgan’s affection by making decisions in line with his values during conversations and missions. He respects honor, loyalty, and efficiency. Additionally, giving him his preferred gifts will boost his affection levels.

What are the benefits of increasing Aric Jorgan’s affection?

Increasing Aric Jorgan’s affection level can unlock unique conversations, additional backstory elements, and potential romance options if you are playing as a female Trooper. High affection levels also improve his combat performance and grant you legacy bonuses.

Can Aric Jorgan be romanced?

Yes, Aric Jorgan can be romanced by female Trooper characters. Developing a romantic relationship involves completing his personal storyline and making specific dialogue choices that align with his personality and values.

What are Aric Jorgan’s key story missions?

Aric Jorgan’s personal story missions delve into his past, his demotion from Havoc Squad, and his quest for redemption. Key missions include:

  • Reclaiming Lost Glory: Addressing the circumstances of his demotion.
  • Proving Loyalty: Demonstrating his commitment to the Republic and the Trooper’s cause.
  • Romance and Trust: Building a deeper personal connection if pursuing a romance.

Can Aric Jorgan leave the player’s side?

Aric Jorgan can leave the player’s side if his affection drops too low due to decisions that severely conflict with his values. To prevent this, maintain high affection by making choices that align with his principles and giving him appropriate gifts.