Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Mousepad By Razer: Review

Are you wondering if the SWTOR gaming mousepad from Razer is worth the expense? You won’t be the first gamer or TOR fan to ask the question. The good news is we have a review for you to help you get the scoop on this gaming accessory.

Capsule Computers had a lengthy review of this mousepad (over 1,000 words long) and you can read it in full on their website. Here’s a snippet:

As the mouse pad is most certainly an aesthetic piece, the most important thing to immediately review is its physical design. Breaking away from their traditional colour scheme, Razer has dropped the usual black-green colour product colour scheme in favour of a more contextually appropriate White-Gold-Black. The choice in colour scheme I feel is highly appropriate given the sci-fi nature of the universe. The design is simple and straightforward, just as many of us assume that futuristic or space age tech should be. This mouse pad also offers a customisation option. It is possible to alter the faceplate of the mouse pad. The white face-plate is actually 2 sided and provides players the option to flip the plate around to display your in-game allegiance. The plates display the symbol insignia’s that represent the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Alliance and Horde? Eat your heart out.
Both the plates and the frame carry a considerable deal of weight. As a result, players shouldn’t expect to experience any of that frustrating mouse pad movement that comes packaged with many generic brand mouse pads. The solid surface also provides a satisfying sound and feel to mouse actions. Consider it like driving a car. Sure, driving on a rocky unstable surface is do-able, but doesn’t it feel so much better to drive on a nice solid asphalt road? This comes courtesy of the non-slip anti-reflective coating on the surfaces of the mouse pad tiles. The abrasion resistant coating is also as much an indication of durability as it is functional. So users should expect to get plenty of use out of thier purchase.
The mouse pad is also sizably larger than many of your standard mouse pads, which, combined with the afore mentioned coating features, supports rapid mouse movement for those instances in which battles in SWTOR become hairier than Chewbacca. As an additional result, players will find that extra range of mouse motion will affect keeping gameplay focused and precise, regardless of one’s preference in sensitivity.
As the review will explain, a mousepad is a bit of a novelty item but there are many benefits to this one that make it a big improvement on your standard $5 mousepad. Plus, it makes a great collector item for big SWTOR fans.
Read more at Capsule Computers.
 Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Mousepad by Razer
Manufacturer: Razer
Device: Mouse Pad
Price: AU$49.99
Purchase: Razerstore

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