Pinterest Marketing Guide for businesses

If you already do Pinterest a bit more intensively, then you will probably ask yourself how you can optimize your own Pins even better for Pinterest. I will tell you one important point in advance: Your own pins are one of the most important points to be successful on Pinterest! Why? Very simple: New users will only click on your pin if it is really appealing and offers unique information. If your pin can’t offer that, it will get lost in the crowd of Pinterest pins and your blog post can be as good as it gets. Sounds complicated at first, but it isn’t at all if you consider a few points. And this is exactly what I want to explain to you today

1) Choose the right format

On Pinterest, it is really essential to pin in portrait format only. Why? Because landscape format is lost on the home page and portrait format is displayed more concisely, especially on mobile devices. To make this clear, I have a screenshot from Pinterest feed: You can see 3 pins. And which picture will be completely lost in the feed on the start page? The landscape format. Portrait-format pictures are simply much more concise and come into their own better. Collages and graphics are also great because they look even longer on the home page.

2) A coherent design

In addition to the right format, a coherent design is extremely important! Because: No matter how great your blog content, if your Pinterest graphics are not attractively designed, no one from Pinterest will click on your pin. Sobering I know But once you get the hang of it, it’s not as difficult as it might sound. We speak from our experience. Well what can I say to that? In most cases the graphics are designed to be absolutely meaningless, the font is difficult to read and in general the pins don’t really encourage you to click. In contrast, You’ve to create a beautiful designed pin yourself or hire someone who will be responsible for this.

What I mean to say to you: No master fell from heaven and it takes time a good six months to really get the hang of beautiful graphics. It may be easier for a graphic designer, but for a lazy person like me it was a big challenge. Recommendation is this : Make your pins as simple as possible and don’t try to fake yourself with too many details such as flourishes or frames. Most of the time, the simple graphics really work best, and Pinterest users are not after Master Pins at all. The main thing is that the pictures look appealing, the topic is interesting and tailored to your target group and your writing is really easy to recognize.