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It seems that everyone has something to say about SWTOR these days, even Special to the Manifesto for their Gaming section, from Shannon Reynolds is this review of SWTOR. It’s short and sweet and honestly, it’s much more of an “impressions” piece than an actual review but it gets the people in Kentucky aware of a really cool game and that’s something, right?
This reviewer says:
There’s no evidence of a mere “try” here. The company made a game worthy of the sprawling and beloved Star Wars universe. And perhaps there’s no universe better suited for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
While some SWTOR-haters might argue, I tend to agree. Is this the best MMORPG that any gamer can dream up brought to life? No. Does it have flaws? Yes. However, considering all the factors, it’s a very well created game. As a company, BioWare seems to be taking steps to address bugs and complaints in a reasonable fashion.
Anyway, this reviewer from Kentucky goes on to talk about some of the basics that make the game great like the Star Wars theme, the storyline, lightsabers, chat features and space missions. The person sounds like either a casual player, first time player or just not a very harsh critic but it’s still a good read. 
Actually it is pretty interesting to see SWTOR reviews showing up in mainstream media and news outlets the way it is since the release (and even a little before the release). If you’re interested in reading this review in full, you can do so over on

Lisa Clark

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