Minecraft Meets Star Wars: Embark on the "Path of the Jedi"

Minecraft Meets Star Wars: Embark on the “Path of the Jedi”

In a thrilling announcement for fans of both Minecraft and Star Wars, a new adventure awaits in the blocky universe of Minecraft. Titled “Minecraft Star Wars: Path of the Jedi,” this story-based downloadable content (DLC) promises to immerse players in a galaxy far, far away, blending the charm of Minecraft with the epic lore of Star Wars.

A Galactic Adventure Begins

Set to launch on November 7, “Path of the Jedi” offers players the chance to step into the shoes of a Padawan. As the story unfolds, players will embark on a quest to customize their droid, craft their lightsaber, and undertake various missions spanning the vast Star Wars galaxy.

But that’s not all. As players navigate this new adventure, they’ll cross paths with iconic Star Wars legends. From the wise Yoda to the formidable Mace Windu, players will interact with these characters, gradually ascending to the esteemed rank of Jedi Knight.

A Glimpse into the DLC

The recently released trailer provides a sneak peek into what players can expect. It showcases renowned Star Wars locales, including the bustling cityscape of Coruscant and the watery world of Kamino. Moreover, fans will be delighted to spot favorite characters like Ahsoka Tano, the menacing General Grievous, and the ever-charismatic Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Essential Details

For those eager to embark on this journey, it’s crucial to note that the “Path of the Jedi” DLC requires the latest version of “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition,” which is sold separately. As a special treat, players can head to the Dressing Room within the game to grab an R2-D2 shirt, available for free until December 7.


The collaboration between Minecraft and Star Wars is a testament to the limitless possibilities when two beloved universes converge. As players gear up to explore this blocktastic galaxy, one thing is certain: the force (and the blocks) will be with them on this epic journey.

Source: Star Wars Official News.