Patch Notes – 2.4.2 – 10/29/2013

patch notes

As we told you a few days ago, the servers are going down for maintenance tomorrow.  Patch update 2.4.2 will implemented during this downtime, and below are the patch notes.

“The mysterious floating box on the Imperial Fleet is no longer mysterious, because it is no longer floating. ” It’s smartass notes like these that make me love the devs that much more

“A new item, Kick the Huttball, is available in the Cartel Market! This item modifies the “Throw the Huttball” ability, allowing players to kick the ball, thus breaking the number one rule in Huttball. Cost: 400 Cartel Coins.”
This is awesome.

Game Update 2.4.2 Patch Notes


  • Quick Travel terminals throughout the galaxy now display proper indication when they have not yet been discovered.
  • All Oricon Quick Travel terminals remain unlocked after being discovered.

Cartel Market


New Items

Please note that Cartel Market updates are dynamic. Changes listed in Patch Notes may take effect up to several days after the patch is made available.

Bug Fixes

Classes and Combat

Bounty Hunter



  • Rail Shot no longer vents 16 Heat instead of 8 when the Superheated Rail skill is trained.


Flashpoints and Operations


Czerka Core Meltdown

  • Players who have the “Bloom” preference turned off no longer have a psychedelic purple ceiling experience during the encounter with the Enhanced Duneclaw.


Dread Fortress

  • Removed a rogue red square that just wanted to be a part of something bigger from the phase door of this Operation.
  • Corruptor Zero’s Concussion Mine firmware has been updated to a new dreadware version and the effects now correctly attach and detach as described.
  • The magnet in the Grob’thok encounter will now display an effect on the ground to make it easier to spot its location.
  • During the encounter with Draxus in 8-Player Story Mode, the damage dealt by Mass Affliction is now consistent after the Corruptor is defeated.

Dread Palace

  • Dread Master Calphayus has upgraded his Focus Crystals, and they now have immunity to crowd control effects that are equal to his own immunity.

Eternity Vault

Items and Economy


  • Removed Rating requirements from all PvP items.
  • Conqueror and Obroan Focused Retribution Relics now activate properly inside Warzones.
  • Arkanian and Dread Forged Relics of Reactive Warding now function as described and do not trigger inside Arena Warzones.
  • Juggernaut and Guardian PvE set bonuses that increase the duration of the Bladeturning ability no longer cause Bladeturning to stop functioning.
  • The Revan Holostatue has been updated such that it no longer functions as a Basic Commendations vendor, and players can now purchase Black Market gear using the item.
  • Added voice modulation effects to the following gear pieces:
    • Cassus Fett’s Helmet
    • Volatile Shock Trooper Tac Helmet
    • Eradicator’s Mask
    • Dynamic Sleuth Mask
    • Voltaic Sleuth Mask
    • Galvanized Infantry Helmet
    • Energized Infantry Helmet
    • Series 808 Cybernetic Cerebrum
    • Mandalore The Preserver’s Helmet
    • Opulent Triumvirate Helmet
    • Restored Triumvirate Helmet

Visual Bug Fixes

  • Marka Ragnos Chestpiece now displays the sleeves properly when equipped.
  • Bastila Shan‘s Tunic no longer displays as incorrectly cutting into the feet of fashionable Female Human characters who choose to update to a newly-available hairstyle.
  • Probe Droid minipets now display high resolution textures.
  • The Tirsa Prime and Tirsa Elite speeder models no longer display engine trails after dismounting.
  • Master Hunter’s Headgear now changes color properly when dyed.
  • Bolts on the lower chin strap of the Contractor’s Helmet now display properly with facial animations.
  • X-3 Techmaster Gloves no longer appear distorted on female characters using Body Type 3.
  • Darth Sion‘s Pauldron now displays properly and does not cut into the body during movement for the following:
    • Shoulders: Male characters using Body Type 4
    • Lower body: Male characters using Body Type 2
  • Items in the Preferred Friends bundle are no longer associated with a Cartel Market rarity.
  • The Adno Windscorpion now animates properly for characters using Body Type 4. ]



  • The Hutt Cartel has cleared up a clerical error and now those players fortunate enough to earn the “Worm Food” Title will find it to be appropriately categorized.
  • The Legacy Global Unlock for “Ship Guild Bank” can again be purchased.
  • Participating group members are no longer required to be within a minimum range to be granted Achievement credit when a boss is defeated.

Missions and NPCs


Class Missions

Jedi Consular

  • Chaos and Harmony: Master Syo Bakarn no longer manifests his duality with a physical copy of himself to some Consulars on the “Speak to the First Son” mission step. Note: This mission has been reset.

Bounty Hunter

  • Hail the Conquering Hero: The Huntmaster no longer uses a body double during this mission.
    Daily Area Missions

Daily Area Missions


  • Pre-empted Signals: Removed the group of enemies that stand around the Launch Commander’s Security Bunker in the Launch Staging Logistics area to prevent them from meddling in the encounter.

World Missions



  • Recruitment Day: Added a missing conversation paraphrase for Imperial Agents on the mission step “Clear the Debris.”


  • The Dread Guard Dominator who used to patrol the Watchtower Lower Passage on Oricon has been laid off due to his position being unnecessary.
  • The Launch Staging Logistics area of Oricon has undergone staffing changes such that groups now have more space in between them.
  • The “Reaper of Life” damage increase buff applied by Commander Zaoron on Oricon no longer displays as a debuff.
  • Republic camp guards on Tatooine have received additional training and are now level 55.




  • Players are no longer able to reach the spawning areas in Orbital Station by climbing on nearby pipes.
  • Tatooine Canyon has undergone a minor makeover to block some of the desert sun, resulting in the Arena being less “bright” and more visually consistent with other Warzones.


  • The Highest Earned Rating is no longer incorrectly set to 0 in rare instances.


  • Defeating the Gree’s Asharl Panthar Combat Specimen on Ilum will now grant the appropriate Codex Entry.
  • The Hate Machine on Korriban has reduced its hatred enough to grant those who finish the mission the “Hate Machine” Codex entry.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Players are no longer able to stand in places in the Launch Staging Logistics area of Oricon that allow them to kill enemies without taking damage.
  • Updated the Exhaustion Zone in certain places on Hoth and Tatooine to prevent players from accidentally leaving the game world.
  • Added missing text to several places in the French and German versions.
  • The mysterious floating box on the Imperial Fleet is no longer mysterious, because it is no longer floating.
  • Made several art fixes across CZ-198, Belsavis (Macrobinoculars missions) and Makeb, such as adding textures, grounding floating buildings and correcting distorted scenery.