Patch Notes – 2.4.2 – 10/29/2013

As we told you a few days ago, the servers are going down for maintenance tomorrow.  Patch update 2.4.2 will implemented during this downtime, and below are the patch notes. “The mysterious floating box on the Imperial Fleet is no longer mysterious, because it is no longer floating. ” It’s smartass notes like these that make me love the devs that much more “A new item, Kick the Huttball, is available in the Cartel Market! This item modifies the “Throw the Huttball” ability, allowing players to kick the ball, thus breaking the number one rule in Huttball. Cost: 400 Cartel Coins.”This is awesome. Game Update 2.4.2 Patch Notes General Quick Travel terminals throughout the galaxy now display proper indication when they have not yet been discovered. All Oricon Quick Travel terminals remain unlocked after being discovered. Cartel Market General The description for Cartel Market Certificates has been updated to clarify…

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Preparing for 1.2: A How- to

  We’ve been talking a lot here about Game Update 1.2. BioWare is excited, the community is excited and we are all ready for the launch that was moved from March to an estimated time of mid-April. So in the meantime, what can you do to get ready for this game-changing event? If you quit playing to wait for 1.2, you might want to come on back because there are some things that those who are still playing are doing to prepare and you will be behind the curve if you wait. Here Dulfy brings us another great guide on preparing for patch 1.2.   Hey everyone, there has being quite a few Reddit posts over the past couple days on how to prepare for the arrival of patch 1.2 (estimated ETA early-mid April). So I compiled this little guide here outlining some of the things that I thought might…

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