Star Wars: Uprising – Alternate Approaches to Defeating Lvl 85 Lightside Boss (PPK)

The two methods I know of to defeat the PPK (Light Side Lvl 85 Boss) are:

  • Get 5* Noble Gear so you’re immune to his stun
  • Use Sticky Bomb, Snare, and Intimidate, and kite him to the beginning and back

Both work fine (with skill, patience, and some luck). Just for kicks I’ve been testing other approaches. Obviously it takes a long time to test different abilities, so I thought I’d crowd source it. Please let me know if you’ve tried the abilities below and what the result was:

  • Diving Roll Level 1 (He’s gonna harpoon you! Dive!)
  • Diving Roll Level 2 (Grants obscured for a short duration)
  • Diving Roll Level 3 (Grants immune while rolling)
  • Charge Level 3 (Interrupts all enemies hit)
  • Absolve Level 1 (Gain immunity to all negative status effects)
  • Holographic Decoy (Deploys a hologram)
  • Ion Wave Level 1 or 2 (Stuns all droids for a short duration)
  • Ion Wave Level 3 (Droids are Slowed after the stun)

Any thoughts on those abilities against the PPK? I sort of like the idea of using the most basic ability (Diving Roll) against the hardest boss in the game, but diving out of the way everytime he fires his harpoon would take a lot more skill/luck than I have.