Weapon Tunings Q&A in SWTOR

Cartel Market Producer  Dan Bunten has posted some Q&A in response to yesterday’s blog post on the new weapon tuning feature coming with Patch 4.4

Hey folks,

We have seen a lot of questions come up about Weapon Tuning and I wanted to address some of the bigger ones we keep seeing.

Is Weapon Tuning purely cosmetic?
Yes, they do not affect the stats of the weapon in any way.

Will we be able to modify existing weapons?
Many of the existing weapons you have will support the Weapon Tuning slot, but not all. We will continue adding them to existing weapons over time and all new weapons introduced will have this slot.

Are they exclusive to the Cartel Market?
The Lightning Weapon Tuning is exclusive to the Cartel Market, but there may be future Tunings available from other sources.

Are they affected by Color Crystals?

Will Tuning effects stack with existing weapon effects?

Can we turn the effect on and off like a flourish?
No, similar to existing weapon effects, when the weapon is drawn the effect will always be shown.

Are Weapon Tunings destroyed if removed from a weapon?
No, they are removable from weapons just like other mods and for the same cost as extracting a Color Crystal.

Please keep the questions coming.