1.3 Augments: How to Add Augment Slots to Gear

It’s a common question going around now because everyone wants to do it but it’s not as easy or as obvious as you might think at first. How to add augment slots to gear? Once you figure it out, you’ll say “duh!” but let’s do a quick little overview of the process.

What gear slots can be augmented? All of them!

How do you do it? Well, you know Dulfy has a guide for that!

Here Dulfy gave us the overview (from PTR):

Hey everyone, I am sure you all know by now that there is a new way to add augment slots to gear in 1.3. I am going to walk you through the process currently on PTS right now so you will be well prepared once 1.3 lands on the live servers.

What is happening to my current augmented gear?

Your current augment slots on existing gear will remain once patch 1.3 arrives. They will be converted to the appropriate tier, depending on the item level or the level of the augment, whichever is higher. So if you have a level 20 item with a level 49 augment inserted into it, it will be converted into a MK-6 augment slot since the augment is a Level 49 and therefore MK-6. This is a good opportunity to insert whatever gear with augment slots you have with L49 augments (green ones will do) so that they all get converted to MK-6 tier.

Can I still crit craft gear and get augment slots after 1.3?

Yes, you still can. Be warned that the augment slot you get post-1.3 with the crit crafting will have a tier corresponding to the item level. So post 1.3, it is not really worth your time to crit craft low level gear for augment slots.

Getting/Making the Augmentation kits(Armormech, Synthweaver, Armstech)

Only players with these crew skills can craft the augment kits. The schematics for these can be purchased at your respective trainers:

Do you have any specific questions about augment slots in SWTOR?

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