SWTOR Augment Slot Guide

agument sllot guide

One thing that most Star Wars: The Old Republic players have in common is a desire to have the very best gear possible. Building up your character is part of the fun and there are several items available to help you reach your goal. You have the option of modifying gear by using Augments but before you can use them, your gear must have Augment Slots.

This Augment Slot guide will show you how to acquire Augmentation Kits, so you can upgrade your character’s gear.

Understanding Augments

Augments increase the stats of your character to maximize your gear. You can get Augments by using the “slicing crew skill” or you can buy them at the Galactic Trade Network. The type of Augment you use will determine which stats are increased. Here are some examples:

  • Defense – redoubt augments
  • Aim – Reflex augments
  • Strength – might augments
  • Endurance – fortitude augments

Other Augments are available, some of which can even increase more than one stat. When SWTOR was first released, some items automatically come with Augment Slots for increasing your stats. However, crafting was the main way to acquire the slots but when crafting the item you had to hit a critical. In other words, they weren’t that easy to come by and you couldn’t get them on some weapons and armor. Then, things changed with the release of Patch 1.3.

Post Patch 1.3: Augment Slot Changes

Many changes took place with the way you can acquire Augment Slots after Patch 1.3 was released. Instead of hoping that you get an item with a slot or that you get a critical hit when crafting, you can now add Augment Slots to any gear that is equitable by using an Item Modification Table. You can find these at fleet stations but you can only use green level items or higher.

SWTOR Augment Slot
SWTOR Augment Slot

Augmentation Slot Components

Before you can craft the Augmentation Kits, you need Augmentation Slot Components. You’ll need to reverse engineer one of the crafted items within the specified tier to acquire an Augmentation Slot Component. You’re guaranteed to receive one component for each reverse engineered item.

Augmentation Slot Kits

When adding an Augment Slot to any item, you’ll need an Augmentation Kit and credits to spend. You can craft Augmentation Slot Kits using the Synthweaving, Armstech and the Armormech skills. Crew skill trainers have the recipe for crafting these kits. The kits are the same for each skill but the materials that you’ll need are a little different.

Each kit has six tiers that begin with the MK-1, which is the lowest grade and the highest grade Augment Slots are found in MK-6. To create an Augmentation Kit, you need a few crafting materials, a set amount of credits and 10 Augmentation Slot Components for each tier.

Credits and materials needed for Armstech and Armormech skills are as follows:

  • MK-1 requires 1,000 credits and
    • Augmentation Slot Component MK-1, x 10
    • Desh x2
    • MK-2 requires 2,500 credits and
      • Augmentation Slot Component MK-2, x 10
      • Laminoid x2
      • Conductive Flux x2
      • Aluminium x2
      • MK-3 requires 4,000 credits and
        • Augmentation Slot Component MK-3, x 10
        • Plasteel x2
        • Insulating Flux x2
        • Chanlon x2
        • MK-4 requires 7,000 credits and
          • Augmentation Slot Component MK-4, x 10
          • Brazing Flux x2
          • Bondite x2
          • Fibermesh x2
          • MK-5 requires 10,000 credits and
            • Augmentation Slot Component MK-5, x 10
            • Diatium x2
            • Resinite x2
            • Brazing Flux x2
            • MK-6 requires 25,000 credits and
              • Augmentation Slot Component MK-6, x 10
              • Durasteel x2
              • Thermoplast Flux x2
              • Zal Alloy x2

Credits and materials needed for the Synthweaving skill are as follows:

  • MK-1 requires 1,000 credits and
    • Augmentation Slot Component MK-1, x 10
    • Rubat Crystal x2
    • MK-2 requires 2,500 credits and
      • Augmentation Slot Component MK-2, x 10
      • Fibrous Nylite Solution x2
      • Rubat Crystal x2
      • Lost Artifact Fragment x2
      • MK-3 requires 4,000 credits and
        • Augmentation Slot Component MK-3, x 10
        • Thermoionic Gel Suspension x2
        • Nextor Crystal x2
        • Prehistoric Artifact Fragment x2
        • MK-4 requires 7,000 credits and
          • Augmentation Slot Component MK-4, x 10
          • Opila Crystal x2
          • Galactic Artifact Fragment x2
          • Brocart Filaments x2
          • MK-5 requires 10,000 credits and
            • Augmentation Slot Component MK-5, x 10
            • Hypertech Artifact Fragment x2
            • Brocart Filaments x2
            • Firkrann Crystal x2
            • MK-6 requires 25,000 credits and
              • Augmentation Slot Component MK-6, x 10
              • Primeval Artifact Fragment x2
              • Cortosis Substrate x2
              • Upari Crystal x2

Once you have your Augmentation Slot Kits and the credits needed for each tier, you’re ready to add the Augment Slot to your gear using the Item Modification Table.

Installing Augment Slots

You’ll need to go to the nearest Item Modification Table in order to install the Augment Slot to your gear. Select the “Modification Table” filter on the map to find them. Right clicking on the tables will open up the Augmentation Workbench interface. Once opened, click on the item you want to use to drag it into the empty slot on the workbench or you can click the box labeled “Click here to show items you may modify” located in the top part of the workbench. When the dropdown list appears, choose the one you want to add to the Augment Slot.

Next, choose the tier you want to install and click the “Buy Augment Slot” button to complete the installation. If you want to upgrade later, you can. However, it will cost you the same number of credits as it would for originally installing the Augment Slot, so don’t expect a discount for already having an installed slot.

Patch 1.3 made a huge difference that allows any player to upgrade equipment so you can improve your stats and excel in the game.

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FAQ for SWTOR Augment Slot Guide in Star Wars: The Old Republic

What are Augments in SWTOR?

Augments in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) are enhancements that players can add to their gear to improve stats such as endurance, power, critical rating, or defense. They offer a significant boost to a character’s performance and are essential for optimizing your character for high-level content.

What is an Augment Slot?

An Augment Slot is a specific slot on a piece of gear where an augment can be inserted. Most gear pieces do not come with an augment slot by default; players need to add them using an Augment Kit.

How do I add an Augment Slot to my gear?

To add an augment slot to your gear, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an Augment Kit: Craft or purchase an Augment Kit of the appropriate tier.
  2. Visit a Modification Station: These stations are found in major hubs like the fleet and some planets.
  3. Slot the Augment Kit: Use the modification station to slot the augment kit into your gear, adding an augment slot.
  4. Insert the Augment: Once the slot is added, you can insert the desired augment into the gear.

Where can I get Augment Kits and Augments?

  • Crafting: Players can craft Augment Kits using the Armormech, Synthweaving, or Cybertech professions.
  • Galactic Trade Network (GTN): Purchase Augment Kits and Augments from other players on the GTN.
  • Vendors: Some vendors sell basic augments, though the best augments are typically crafted or bought from the GTN.

What are the different types of Augments?

Augments come in various types and tiers, each providing different stat bonuses. Common types include:

  • Endurance Augments: Boosts health points.
  • Power Augments: Increases overall damage and healing.
  • Critical Augments: Enhances critical hit chance.
  • Accuracy Augments: Improves accuracy rating.
  • Defense Augments: Enhances defensive stats for tanking.

Each type of augment is available in different tiers, corresponding to the item rating and level of the gear.

What is the highest tier of Augment currently available?

As of the latest update, the highest tier of augments available is the 286 Augments. These are crafted using materials from high-level content and provide significant stat boosts.

How do I upgrade my Augments?

To upgrade your augments:

  1. Craft or Purchase Higher Tier Augments: Obtain augments of the desired higher tier.
  2. Replace Old Augments: Visit a modification station and replace the old augments with the new ones. Note that you cannot upgrade an augment directly; you must replace it.

Are there any prerequisites for adding Augment Slots?

Yes, adding augment slots requires specific Augment Kits, which come in different grades. Higher-grade kits are needed for higher-level gear. You also need access to a modification station to add the slots.

What benefits do Augments provide in endgame content?

Augments significantly enhance your character’s stats, making them more effective in combat. This is particularly important in endgame content such as Operations, Flashpoints, and PvP, where optimal stats can mean the difference between success and failure.

Can I remove Augments from my gear?

Yes, augments can be removed using a modification station. However, removing an augment destroys it, so be sure you want to replace it before doing so.

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