BioWare on Grade 7 Ship parts costs

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With Game update 1.6 new Heroic Space Missions saw the light of the day, and with that also new tier 7 ship parts. These are of course supposed to help players complete these new challenging missions. To get these new upgrades you need to spend hundreds of Daily and Fleet Commendations or just purchase them on the Cartel Market. This have off course sparked a huge debate with players crying “Pay 2 win”. Today  Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez made a forum post with feedback from Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert indicating that BioWare is looking for solutions to reduce the gap between the two paths:

Hi everyone,

I’ve spoken to the design team about the issue of Grade 7 ship upgrades and the cost in game (resources and time) versus the cost on the Cartel Market, since this concern was raised by a number of people on our forums.

Our Lead Designer for the game, Damion Schubert, has this to say:

Unfortunately, there is, in fact, a great disparity between these two costs. We want to apologize for this, as there was a miscommunication internally on how valuable these upgrades were, how challenging they should be to earn, and how fast a player should be able to earn them.

We are currently looking at solutions that cause the least amount of frustration for all players affected, while keeping the integrity of both the Cartel Market and the game intact.

It is not our intent to make the Cartel Market the “way to play” the game—we want you to feel that both the Cartel Market and earning gear in game are viable options as far as value goes, neither being far more efficient or effective than the other.

We truly hope you enjoy the challenge of the new Heroic Space Missions and apologize again for what we hope is a small distraction.

I want to reiterate that we are actively looking at solutions and they will be communicated to you as soon as we have a solid plan.

Thank you for your patience.

Not really sure how to interpret Damion’s statement. I gather they’ll be thinking about adjusting commendation requirements in one form or another but he seems to insinuate that the Cartel shop, from now on, will always be “viable” alternative for new content.  Honestly I can’t bring myself to care either really. It’s space missions. A mini-game. I realize this is an MMO and people will always find something to cry about, but I just don’t see it as some huge scandal.

However, I can admit I was surprised by how much of a grind the new ship gear is, when they turn around and dump the same exact pieces in the cartel shop. I didn’t really expect that and hope they decrease the difficulty of acquiring it in game.