10 Types of Assignments Fine Arts Students Usually Have

Whatever major you choose now, you can’t escape writing assignments. Especially if we talk about education in the post-pandemic era. For a few years, essays and other types of writing tasks have become the most effective way to check students’ progress and evaluate their knowledge.

Therefore, whatever you study – Math, Fine Arts or Economy – you won’t escape writing. Yet, the selection of written assignments differs from one major to another, so you need to be careful if this is your criterion.

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Of course, you will never be one-on-one with your assignments. You can always use essay order service and ease your student life. Professional essay writers will handle any type of assignment for you if you need it. However, it’s still better to understand what you’ll face when you choose Fine Arts, for example.

Here we go!

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays help art students provide a detailed description of a picture or any other art object. It is also used to express emotions and feelings when they are studying certain art objects.

An essay is the best way to describe and define arts. It has a specific structure that engages people in reading and answers the questions readers may have.

Research Papers

Arts can be studied through research. Every student engaged in writing a research paper is expected to study the topic, comprehend it, and then explain the findings to the audience.

Fine Arts students are required to study arts and express their findings in the form of research papers as well. These papers and similar written assignments are fundamental for peer-reviewed art journals and other published materials.

Reflective Papers

Such assignments require students to think about their experiences in relation to art objects. They must relate what they see and experience to a certain concept or principle. That means students are required to craft an analysis of an art object where they reflect on the concepts and principles used while creating the art.

Classwork Assignments

Classwork assignments are also common for Fine Arts students. These assignments are usually distributed by teachers and require some research work to be completed.

However, of course, no matter how difficult the assignment is, you can always find an expert and place the order. There is no such thing as a difficult assignment for professional writers.

Literature Reviews

Are you surprised that literature reviews are the type of assignments Fine Arts students are usually tasked with? There is nothing surprising about it.

Having a great variety of artists and researchers analyzing and writing about art, there is a whole body of research about every piece of art you can come across. So, of course, art students have enough resources to use while working on literature reviews.

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Reaction Papers

This type of assignment requires Fine Arts students to react to a certain art object in a way they were taught by instructors. Such tasks are usually accompanied by a list of things to include in their papers. The reaction papers are very common for students studying the history of arts as well as for those who create it.

Thesis Papers

Students studying Fine Arts should think about their thesis papers as well. No matter in what way they are required to present this type of work, thesis papers are still written by every art student. Those who create art should describe their work in this paper. Those who study arts have to present an analytical paper.

Problem-Based Assignments

Fine Arts students are also familiar with problem-solving. Of course, these problem-based assignments are nothing like the assignments Math students should handle. However, still, art leaves lots of gaps and questions, and the young generation of students is the one who’ll seek the answers.


Art students write lots of summaries as well. This is the most basic assignment they are tasked with. Yet, at the same time, the summary is used to provide the audience with a better, more accurate understanding of an art object in question. Regardless of the purpose of the assignment, summaries are not easy to write.

Response Paper

Response papers are quite rare when it comes to Fine Arts. Nonetheless, this type of assignment is still used to provoke students to think about art and broaden their horizons.

Normally, students would have to read texts and respond to certain questions. For Fine Art students, however, it’s all about questions – they have to answer why studying a particular kind of art.


Fine Arts students and other students alike must complete different types of writing assignments. This is common for all majors whatever your choice would be. However, the types of assignments and the way they should be completed may differ a bit based on what’s at the core of the task.

Yet, students choosing arts to avoid writing will be disappointed. Instead of running away from writing assignments, you’d better learn to handle them or find someone reliable to request professional help.