The Beastie Boys Documentary Is Coming to Theatres

So, it happens that the Beastie Boys are getting their own documentary. And guess who is directing the flick – Spike Jonze, yes you read that right. Whether you are a fan of Beastie Boys, you will definitely appreciate a quick look through their history. There are things in life that just cannot be resisted – whether this is a trip to Vegas to play live roulette or gorging yourself on tasty chocolate. In our opinion, this Beastie Boys documentary is one of the things in life you don’t want to miss out on.

Look, you may not be the biggest fan – we understand this. Nevertheless, there are some things in life that are educating as well as entertaining. While you may not know Beastie Boys or Spike Jonze, you might have heard or know their work.

Jonze has produced a whole lot of cool stuff in his time, to name Jackass, Her, Being John Malkovich, Where the Wild Things Are, Adaptation and so many others. There are also The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret among others. So, it’s definitely going to be something exciting to see – that new up and coming Beastie Boys movie for sure.

One way or another, good cinema is hard to resist – and so is good music! In fact, you have already heard a lot of the rap trio’s best songs – that’s for sure. With tunes like Hey Ladies, So What’cha Want, Sabotage and Brass Monkeys, the boyos definitely crank up the heat in the hood!

Music Like No Other

The Beastie Boys are famous for quite a few reasons. For starters, they have gone out of their way to be among the few white rappers who have actually received nation-wide approval.

But there’s no scent of entitlement there either. What Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “MCA” Yauch, and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz have is definitely theirs by merit alone. The band got together to crank out some pretty decent stuff over the years releasing eight cool albums, with their latest one coming out in 2011 – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

In the history of any band, there are highs and lows. Yet, Beastie Boys seem to have taken their own lows in stride. And as huge fans of the band, we can’t honestly say that there have been such moments in their artistic trek.

There are many cool artists who you might not know about – such as Spoon, The Strokes and Oasis. Well, you probably know about Oasis as they tend to bicker out in public a whole lot – hilariously so.

But a Beastie Boys documentary can be quite insightful. You can see what it takes to become an artist at a time where you couldn’t just mix things up on your computer – well you could, but hardly with the same ease as you can these days.

Find the Inspiration You Need

Watching the documentary is not just about Beastie Boys. It’s about you. Perhaps you have always wondered what it would take to actually become famous. Well, Beastie Boys definitely enjoyed their fame, but they didn’t set out with the sole purpose to be famous.

Rather, they wanted to do something they loved and they did – and because they started out with the purest intentions in mind, things have turned pretty smoothly for them. There are tons of talented artists these days. Arctic Monkeys loved The Strokes, but they have far surpassed them in popularity already – at 30, and they are likely to be coming up with many new great albums.

Music is definitely a shifty mistress. It changes from one generation to the next – from one year to the next.