Changes to the Cartel Market — Monday September 10 2018

Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for September 10. 2018. Remember you can support this blog by buying your cartel coins on Amazon via this link were you also will get a  Exclusive Item [Online Game Code]

New ItemsPriceHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
HOLO-RANCOR2400Information from TOR FASHION45,000,000.01,000,000,000.0210,841,269.714286
DEEPSTALKER ACKLAY810Information from TOR FASHION4,000,000.025,112,500.08,688,541.53846154
COMMEMORATIVE STATUE OF MANDALORE THE AVENGER575Information from TOR FASHION5,500,000.014,200,000.07,526,999.85714286
ZAKUUL KNIGHT STATUE575Information from TOR FASHION2,000,000.0175,000,000.011,295,836.4124629
Items No Longer AvailableHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
DUNECRAWLER SCYKInformation from TOR FASHION3,112,500.072,886,388.013,659,236.0
Items Available AgainPriceHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
DEFIANT VENTED LIGHTSABER5100Information from TOR FASHION78,868,000.0194,500,000.0103,553,200.0
DEFIANT VENTED DUALSABER3000Information from TOR FASHION78,500,000.0115,000,000.089,796,000.0
Price ChangeOld PriceNew PricePercent ChangeNormal PriceHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
JEDI SURVIVALIST’S ARMOR SET144072050%1332Information from TOR FASHIONNo GTN Data Found
TRIUMPHANT PREDATOR’S ARMOR SET115210807%1152Information from TOR FASHIONNo GTN Data Found