Swtor Data mined patch 2.4.2

SWTOR_Miner made a small updated with data mined game information found in the latest patch.  The info comes in XML- format, so there is not much use if you don’t know how to read that.  These are the new cartel items I spotted in the list:

  • AD-14 Heavy Blaster
  • JM-30 Assault Cannon
  • MR-39 Sniper Rifle
  • Advanced Yellow Blue Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced Yellow Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced Yellow Blue War Hero Crystal
  • Balmorran Arms Corporate Shirt
  • Camp Fire: Set up a camp site. You regenerate health and your class energy pool while submerged.
  • CD-36 Blaster Rifle
  • Czerka Corporate Shirt
  • Dark Purple and White Dye Module
  • Deep Brown and Black Dye Module
  • White and Dark Green Dye Module
  • Emote: Funky
  • Emote: Nod Off
  • Emote: Pbj Time
  • Emote: Toe Touch¨
  • Mount: Gurian Rose
  • Mount: Ikas Flamethrower
  • mount: Ikas Shark
  • Mount: Ikas Spear
  • Mount: Morlinger Imperator
  • Mount: Rendili Shadow
  • Mount: Swamp Tauntaun
  • Infected Treek Customization
  • Model Flashfire
  • Pet Striped Blurrg
  • Pet Verdant Gizka
  • Pet Series 917 Cybernetic Cerebrum
  • Title: Opportunist

This was all that I saw in the file provided by SWTOR_Miner. Now, of course this is nowhere near everything that’s going to be in the next pack, and neither is this a guarantee that the listed items will actually be in a pack.

Here is the post:

I’m super busy, so this will be a drive-by datamining.

People are speculating that a Revamped Rakghoul Event might start this weekend.

My view is that I think it’s not quite ready yet, but that could be my quest parser spitting out bad data. The parser has failed me before and needs a bit of work. I’ve included an xml file in the zip below that has everything that was tagged with “event.rakghoul.” Enjoy!

I’m still haven’t worked out a convenient alternate method. So, here’s a link to the changes, zipped up xml format. –Only click the text link that says “Click here to start download from sendspace” on that page.

My uploads will never contain executable files unless explicitly stated.

Don’t have time give you guys the full rundown. But, I thought I should mention something before you completely lose your minds.

There is a SINGLE Npc entry for a Manaan Flashpoint. This is not enough data to conclusively state anything. You’ll just run yourselves in circles speculating.

Other stuff is fairly standard:

I’ve been keeping an eye on the PTS, but due to an issue I can’t elaborate on, I’m unable to share full teardowns right now. Though, I am working on something special for the Galactic Starfighter launch.

In closing, I’ll tease you with a single image without context, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out:

data mined space ship swtor