patch 2.4.2

Swtor Data mined patch 2.4.2

SWTOR_Miner made a small updated with data mined game information found in the latest patch.  The info comes in XML- format, so there is not much use if you don’t know how to read that.  These are the new cartel items I spotted in the list: AD-14 Heavy Blaster JM-30 Assault Cannon MR-39 Sniper Rifle Advanced Yellow Blue Hawkeye Crystal Advanced Yellow Blue Indestructible Crystal Advanced Yellow Blue War Hero Crystal Balmorran Arms Corporate Shirt Camp Fire: Set up a camp site. You regenerate health and your class energy pool while submerged. CD-36 Blaster Rifle Czerka Corporate Shirt Dark Purple and White Dye Module Deep Brown and Black Dye Module White and Dark Green Dye Module Emote: Funky Emote: Nod Off Emote: Pbj Time Emote: Toe Touch¨ Mount: Gurian Rose Mount: Ikas Flamethrower mount: Ikas Shark Mount: Ikas Spear Mount: Morlinger Imperator Mount: Rendili Shadow Mount: Swamp Tauntaun Infected Treek…

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