Which Star Wars games are fans keen to see happen in the future?

Star Wars is one of the longest-running and most successful franchises in history. Since the first movie was released in 1977, it has gone on to spawn many sequels (or prequels depending on how you look at it!) and has made global box office revenue of over $10bn. Whether you dig the old classics like Return of the Jedi or prefer new takes on Star Wars, like Attack of the Clones, or The Mandalorian, this is a classic series that consistently delivers plenty of thrills, action, and cool characters. 

Although Star Wars started purely on the big screen, that is not the only reason it has done so well over time. The franchise has diversified during its lifetime to connect with people in other ways. The range of toys available to buy is a good example, as are the books, TV shows, and official merchandise where people can discover the world of Star Wars. 

The other major reason behind the franchise’s ability to attract new fans is the popularity of games based on the stories. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for mobile gamers is an excellent example of this, and there have been other classic games like The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic as well. This has seen Star Wars games sell very well, generate more interest in the overall story, and caused fans of the films/TV shows to start to enjoy gaming. 

But which games based on the franchise are fans most keen to see in the future? 

Sci-fi-themed online slots

Recent decisions taken by Disney (who own the rights to the Star Wars franchise) mean that there are no official Star Wars online slots to play currently. There are space-themed slots from top studios like NetEnt (such as Space Wars or Starburst) for sci-fi gamers, which fill this gap for now. For more details on these slots and the best places to play them, check out NetEntCasino.com today. This is an easy-to-use site that gives trustworthy advice on the best NetEnt casinos and games.

Most Star Wars gamers would love to see officially licensed online slots which contain iconic characters, animations, and quotes from the movies. As pressure grows on Disney and it considers the value a successful set of Star Wars slots would bring to the brand, it may well be on the cards. A raft of new slots based on this franchise would be a big deal and something most gamers would welcome. How cool would an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ or ‘New Hope’ slot from someone like NetEnt be?!

Knights of the Old Republic III

Given how well-received the previous two KOTR games were, you can bet fans would love to see a third. You can also bet that it could happen because any developer who does a half-decent job would shift a lot of copies. Although this now falls into the de-canonized Legends’ niche, there is nothing to stop any third installment from being released as such. 

It would be a real treat if this new installment were to play as brilliantly as the first two and bring back Revan from the Outer Rim. It would also allow the story to be wrapped up and give Star Wars gamers the chance to see what happened after the True Sith Empire was confronted. Although a  Knights of the Old Republic remake might be on the cards soon, many fans would probably enjoy a brand new game to explore. 

The Mandalorian

The popularity of this live-action Star Wars spin-off show on Disney+ suggests that a game based on it could be imminent. This would be something fans of the show and Star Wars gamers would be keen to play. The Mandalorian stories are among the best in the franchise, and there seems ample scope for a game to make the most of that. An open-world design would surely work perfectly and enable gamers to be immersed in the heart of the story. Whether it is based purely on Mandalore, or gamers can travel between planets, being able to galaxy hop as the titular bounty hunting hero would be awesome. 

Darth Maul based game

When it comes to more recent Star Wars movies, the character of Darth Maul stands out in particular. He was just such a memorable, creepy, and engaging creature! This would surely make any game based around him well received by fans. That might not be so far-fetched either! 

LucasArts was working on a game like this years ago, but it was never finished. Therefore, it would be pretty easy for another studio to come up with a game based on the same concept. Playing as Darth Maul would be fun and enable gamers to enjoy a different take on the Star Wars universe. If set before The Phantom Menace era, it could allow gamers to enjoy hopping around the galaxy and causing mayhem with a double-sided lightsaber.  

Star Wars is rich pickings for game studios

This mega-successful franchise is a game developer’s dream. Iconic characters combine perfectly with cool tech, great dialogue, strong visuals, and a futuristic setting to significant effect. All this means that there is a lot of scope when it comes to planning new Star Wars games. Even if it is not tied directly into a movie release, the number of things studios can do with individual characters or storylines is immense. All this is great news for gamers who love Star Wars, as it means there are always plenty of games to enjoy. Not everything that keen Star Wars gamers might like to see has been released yet, and the above are undoubtedly some of the best ideas for games that many will be hoping to appear soon.