Healing in SWTOR – What do we know?

A lot of people wants to know about the healing system in SWTOR. Will Star Wars: The Old Republic use a trinity system; the tank, healer, and the DPS class. Will the healer play a massive role, or will groups be able to go with no healing? So far Dallas Dickinson and Georg Zoeller hasn’t always agreed on how many healers their will be, and how healing works.

Now the great people over at TorWars puplished a excellent article about what we know on Healing so far. A great read I encourage you to check out. Here is a snip:

At this point, BioWare has made it clear that every class will have a sort of ‘second wind’ ability to add some healing and lower downtime. The devs have made it abundantly clear they want to avoid as much downtime as possible.

This is a great thing. No one likes having to pause and gobble up some Goblin Barbecue or use bandages between fights before being ready to go again.

These self-heals will be very beneficial for soloing, and the impression from the devs is that they are solely to lower downtime. I don’t believe we have been lead to believe there won’t be the need for a primary support-healer role when running Flashpoints, etc.

In fact, there’s an interesting quote from Georg Zoeller to point out that there are probably a lot more viable PRIMARY healing options than we initially anticipated.