Star Wars: Force Arena – 4×4 Blind draws return tomorrow with Anakin/Grievous

4×4 Blind draws return tomorrow with Anakin/Grievous. This is just typical after I used the bulk of my saved crystals opening packs when they gave us the free booster… it’s a conspiracy. Netmarble = Illuminati.

Here is the news:

Squad Leaders,

By popular demand, we are bring back the 4×4 Blind Card Draw Event! Get a chance to obtain ANAKIN SKYWALKER, AHSOKA TANO, GENERAL GRIEVOUS, IG-101 & IG-102 and other cards! To get a free draw, you need to pull 3 identical cards!

■ 01/18 4×4 Blind Card Draw Event 


The 4×4 Blind Draw now contains the following cards:

[Light Side]

[Dark Side]

These cards are available between the following dates:

01/18 06:00 ~ 01/24 05:59 (UTC+0)
01/17 10:00PM ~ 01/23 09:59PM (PST)

* Each card in the 4×4 card draw is worth 299 Crystals
* Turn all 16 cards to get an extra random card from the 4×4 board!

 May the Force be with you!