StarWars: Force Arena – 4×4 Blind Card Draw Event

For those who missed the chance to get Padmé Amidala, Captain Typho, Cad Bane, and Auura Sing, we’re bringing them back and some more units in the new 4×4 Blind Draws! The difference now is you will not get a free draw if you draw the 15,000 Credit Square. If you pull 3 identical cards, you will be given another free draw!

The 4×4 Blind Draw now contains the following cards:

Light Side

Card in DrawQuantity
Padmé Amidala x13
Captain Typho x13
Republic Attack Gunship x903
Riot Clone Troopers x5003
Republic Commando x5003
15,000 Credits1

Dark Side

Card in DrawQuantity
Cad Bane x13
Aurra Sing x13
Droid Gunship x903
Umbaran Soldiers x5003
Magnaguard x5003
15,000 Credits1

These cards are available between the following dates:

9/21 06:00~ 9/28 05:59 (UTC+0) 
9/20 23:00 ~ 9/27 22:59 (PDT)

The Blind draw will continue to rotate every Thursday!