Star Wars: Force Arena – 4×4 Blind Card Draw Event

For those who missed the chance to get ANAKIN SKYWALKER, AHSOKA TANO, GENERAL GRIEVOUS, and IG-101 & IG-102, we’re bringing them back and some more units in the new 4×4 Blind Draws! The difference now is you will not get a free draw if you draw the 3 identical cards. If you pull the 15,000 Credit Square, you will be given another free draw!

The 4×4 Blind Draw now contains the following cards:

Light Side

Card in DrawQuantity
Anakin Skywalker x13
Ahsoka Tano x13
Republic Attack Gunship x903
Clone Troopers x5003
15,000 Credits4

Dark Side

Card in DrawQuantity
General Grievous x13
IG-101 & IG-102 x13
Droid Gunship x903
B1 Battle Droids x5003
15,000 Credits4

These cards are available between the following dates:

10/12 06:00~ 10/19 5:59 (UTC+0)
10/11 11:00PM ~ 10/18 10:59 PM (PDT)