The Most POWERFUL Sith Artifact In All of Star Wars

There are many dangerous and destructive ancient artifacts developed by the Sith. But there is one that is far more dangerous and destructive than even the Death Star! Do you know which one it is? If not, you have to watch this video to be enlightened. I don’t know about you but as a Star Wars fan, I love learning more about the Star Wars universe and this is one YouTuber that puts out some of the best videos for just this purpose.

Check out this video from The Stupendous Wave that will explain everything you need to know about this most powerful Sith artifact in all of the Star Wars universe. If you love hearing about ancient Sith lore, this video is for you. He has many other great Star Wars Explained videos that you’ll want to check out as well, if you enjoy his stuff as much as we do.

What do you think? It’s fun, it’s interesting, and you’ll learn a lot more about Star Wars. Now that you’ve seen the video, what do you think about the holocron? If you have suggestions for more videos from The Stupendous Wave, leave him a comment on the video. He’s great about listening to the Star Wars community and giving us more of what we want. He has some other great videos like Darth Vader’s Most Terrifying Torture Methods, The Order 66 Survivor That Was ALMOST In Rogue One! and Why Mace Windu Didn’t Want Anakin to Become a Jedi Knight, just to name a few.

Lisa Clark

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