Star Wars: The Old Republic user-interface customization explained in new video

Have you been wondering about the upcoming new UI customization in SWTOR and how it will work? This is by far one of the more exciting parts of game update 1.2 and we’re excited about it as well. If you’re not on PTS and you haven’t been able to see it for yourself yet then you’re going to love this video the news team put out today.

On the Official news feed, they tell us a little more about it today.

Game Update 1.2: Legacy for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ introduces several new systems to the game, including the option for you to customize your User Interface. You’ll be able to alter the placement and size of each UI element to suit your own personal preference.

In this new video, Lead Interface Artist Michael Voigt shows us how it all works.

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User Interface customization is just one of the new gameplay systems that will be coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic in Game Update 1.2. You can learn about another of Game Update 1.2’s features by watching our Developer Dispatch on the Legacy System, and you can see a preview all of the new content coming up in this Game Update by checking out the New Features video.

I, for one, am very excited about the new interface. I was able to get a good look at it at Guild Summit and even play around with it a bit and I think it’s going to be great.

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