Star Wars Betting

When you look at something in the world that isn’t sport-related and you see that bookmakers accept bets on it, you know it must be huge. This is exactly the case with Star Wars, the franchise is enormous around the world, and because of this, you will find novelty bets available with bookmakers about upcoming films, actors and plot lines. There will be plenty of people out there who like to have a bet from time to time, and they also love the Star Wars series, so putting them together is like a match made in heaven says

What Star Wars Betting Markets are Available? 

You can bet on Star Wars in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common and that is they will be linked to a new upcoming film or new actors coming on board. 

The most common way to bet on Star Wars is by using the betting markets surrounding their new releases. This can be about box office sales, records set and much more, and these are a great way to back your favourite franchise for success. There is always a lot of anticipation when anything new related to Star Wars is released, and the betting markets only add to that. 

Something else you may find with the bookmakers will be betting between the different films. For example, will be the 8th or 9th Star Wars film that has the highest ticket sales on opening weekend in the USA, or even worldwide. These can be fun to have a bet on if you think the new Star Wars film is going to do exceptionally well and break records set by previous films. 

Another way you can place a bet on Star Wars is when the film awards have betting available. Big film awards such as The Oscars, Emmys and many more will all have betting available with the bookmakers before the winners are announced. Here you will be able to bet on the Star Wars film and characters from it throughout the various different award categories that are available. 

This type of betting not only gives you the chance to support and back Star Wars but also your favourite actors for the performances they have put in during the film. The ‘best male’ and ‘best female’ awards are hotly contested and have a range of people from the biggest and best films of the year taking part in them. 

The final betting markets to consider are ones that come about when big-name actors retire or move on, and this is the market where you can bet on who will replace them. If a big name pulls out of Star Wars then bookmakers should have betting available that you can use to bet on who you think will take over from them. This is always topical and something that everyone has an opinion on, so here the bookmakers are giving you the chance to back your opinion with a bet.