Patch notes 1.6.3a 25/01/12

patch notes

Servers are back up and  BioWare has finished  patching the servers.  Teral V is now playable again and stuff on the Cartel Market seems to be back to normal. Now go play!

Cartel Market

  • The following armor sets will no longer incorrectly list helmet as part of the set description:
    • Sanctified Caretaker Armor Set
    • Malevolent Interrogator Armor Set
    • Clandestine Officer Armor Set
    • Interstellar Privateer Armor Set
    • Valiant Jedi Armor Set
    • Sith Raider Armor Set

Flashpoints and Operations

  • Taral V: Players will no longer be prevented from completing this Flashpoint on the step “Defeat General Edikar.”