Fan Friday & Threat of Peace

This Friday sees both the next three pages of the threat Threat of Peace comic as well as a Fan Friday update. The latter they decided to spruce up a bit, but more on that in a moment. First we’ve got the comic; here’s the official news:

The twenty-fourth issue of Threat of Peace™ drops us right back into the action as Jedi Knight Satele Shan and Master Dar’Nala press their attack against Lord Baras. Satele is given pause, however, when Baras reveals the truth—that Master Dar’Nala was responsible for the recent violent attempts to undermine the peace treaty. As Satele considers the implications, Baras makes the bold attempt he’s been planning—now that Satele sees the true weakness of the Jedi, Baras urges her to join the Sith…

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.

The second update is a Fan Friday update, which includes a number of nice community-made images (and I’m sure that the artists will get even more swamped with art requests). There’s some stuff by JediBattleMaster, some stuff by varima, work-in-progress stuff by Theladril, some stuff by Kentoh, and fan fiction by spacedude.

But more interesting perhaps is that the developers have decided to make these Fan Fridays a bit more interesting by showing some early work-in-progress stuff by the developers themselves in a new “Developer Corner”. I guess you could see the developers as fans as well (just that their stuff actually gets added to the game).

This they have a short work-in-progress video showing Balmorra‘s Imperial Shield. As they put it:

This week, we’d like to share an environmental visual effect from the planet of Balmorra. This animation shows the inner base in Sobrikill Valley where the townspeople work in the military base under the watchful eyes of Imperial troopers. The Empire added the shield below to protect themselves from Republic bombardment.

They also have a first view at character customization by showing some scars and burns that players can choose while customizing their character’s face.

And finally they added a couple of new forum avatars as well:

And that’s it. You can read the entire Fan Friday update on the official site.