Lego Star Wars Coming to TV In September

Odd but exciting news has just come to my attention (after it was announced at the recent Licensing International Expo 2011). According to LEGO Star Wars is set to land on screens this Autumn (likely late September) as a TV special.

The site discovered the upcoming project thanks to the poster below, and announce that it will be based on the video game series, which is itself based on the TV show. Don’t think about that too much, it gets a little confusing.

ComingSoon also ran with an official update on the upcoming Star Wars cartoon series:

Today, George Lucas is hard at work on a second animated series that will complement ‘The Clone Wars’, taking ‘Star Wars’ in a completely new and fun direction.

What with the release of the Star Wars blu-ray collection, and the 3D cinematic re-releases that I personally will only watch begrudgingly, it’s an exciting time for any Star Wars fan right now, and this new addition to the sprawling Star Wars universe will certainly inject some more fun, if the games are anything to go by.